About us

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I’m Artem, a Ukrainian developer who founded Spark X - a global network of vetted developers.

Since 2014, I’ve built my career as a software developer while working with fast-growing startups and enterprise projects from North America, Europe, and Australia. This chapter of my life was about great experience and valuable insights. One of them is how badly companies need talents - especially devs - able to bring the greatest ideas to reality.

Working with companies in the long term, I noticed how fast they are replacing one developer with another. That happened due to the fact that companies can’t find the best match with all the needed skills at the very start. They end up finding someone cheaper, yet waste money & time on endless recruitment or moreover, hire an expensive developer but waste even more resources instead. Even I, who helped some of my customers to find and interview developers, know how time-consuming it is to find a suitable candidate.

In January 2022, I launched Spark X with a mission to help companies get matched with developers faster than anyone else. How? We’ve built a global network of vetted developers with a simplified recruiting system. Whenever you need a skilled developer, Spark X is here to match you with someone from our network in a few days. So even if there are no available developers at the moment, we will find one for you for free!

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Artem Misiura

Founder of Spark X