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September 16, 2022

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Global Talent Networks: Save Time & Money On Remote Hiring

Global Talent Networks: Save Time & Money On Remote Hiring

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How to leverage a remote talent search and end up with the best match?

The first rule is to explore all alternative ways of remote hiring. Why? As practice shows, traditional job postings & job boards are no longer effective for a progressive IT sector.

Instead, companies are successful at hunting talents through social media (e.g. LinkedIn), freelance platforms (e.g. Upwork), and all sorts of communities (networks, groups, forums).

Today we speak about global talent networks - a relatively new concept of alternative remote hiring at less risk and hassle. Intriguing? Read further and you’ll learn 5 main reasons why to use global talent networks over other hiring methods.

What is a Global Talent Network?

Global talent networks connect global talents with their best job opportunities. The goal is to ensure the best match between specialists and companies (clients). To some extent, you may compare talent networks to an outstaffing service. But as for talent matching platforms, there is a lot more to be offered.

Agencies Spark X develop a close-knit community of developers to ensure each of them gets support and advice when needed. Such networks unite remote talents from over the world and create an efficient work environment.

Besides, such talent networks allow companies to find exclusive developers who will monitor vacancies on their own.

5 Reasons to Use Global Talent Networks

Save Time & Money On Vetting

Business owners are likely to invest in something that saves their most valuable resources - time & budget. Instead of scrolling through hundreds of resumes, holding multiple interviews, and taking care of recruitment tasks, someone else does it for you.

“How is it supposed to be cheaper if they charge me a commission?” Consider it as an investment in your business growth. If you are free from the screening & recruiting processes (and that takes a LOT of your time), you can focus on the more important business tasks.

As mentioned earlier, talent networks have access to those top-level specialists, which you’ll never find anywhere else. Working with talents of such level allows you to save time during the training period, not to say, they will reach greater results faster.

Reduce the “Time-to-Hire”

The time you spend on finding a perfect candidate for your project can stretch for months. You don’t want to wait that long when project deadlines are burning.

If you work with a global talent network, the time-to-hire will likely shrink to a few days or no more than a few weeks. For example, Spark X holds a pool of 100+ experienced talents working with different technologies. What’s more, talent agencies minimize the recruiting period by automizing some of the administrative, payment, and communication processes.

Lower Hourly Rates (But Save Quality)

Specialists from West Europe, Nothern America, East Asia, and Australia set the highest rates of all. If you’re intended to save costs but NOT lose the work quality, consider hiring specialists from other regions. That’s when global talent communities come in handy.

For example, Spark X works with skilled specialists from such regions as Central & Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland), and Western & Central Asia (Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan). It’s a great chance to hire a top-notch developer at a lower hourly rate without sacrificing quality.

Long-Term Interest

When clients “click” with talents, both are likely to continue collaboration on a long-term basis. Global talent networks provide better guarantees that your remote specialist will stay with you for an extended period of time.

For talents, it’s important to supplement their portfolio with exclusive cases and amazing results. And as for companies, they will do anything to retain a skilled specialist in their team.

Valuable Insights

Specialists engaged in talent communities will learn valuable industry insights firsthand. They will exchange experiences and discuss relevant issues. Besides, they’ll have knowledge of the latest trends, job offers, rates, and other significant information related to the IT industry.

Companies may sooner or later benefit from this knowledge. For instance, talents can recommend other specialists from their network so that you save even more time on talent research.

Find Your Next Developer at Spark X

If you are ready for a remote talent experience, Spark X is a great starting point. Our community consists of 100+ pre-vetted developers with over 3 years of relevant experience.

The main goal of Spark X is to match you with your perfect candidate in the least time. Also, we cover all the administrative tasks related to payment transfers, legal compliance, time tracking, etc.

Why Should You Hire With Spark X?

1. Strict talent screening. Spark X has strict requirements for candidates to become a member of our community. All of them should meet the next criteria:

  • 3+ years of commercial experience;
  • Excellent verbal and written English;
  • Highly-developed soft skills (communication, teamwork, project management, etc);
  • Minimum of 2-3 successfully-completed projects.

That’s how we can vouch for the talent’s exceptional expertise, solid communication skills and the ability to meet deadlines.

2. Personalized match first. Spark X is flexible with how clients want to control the process of talent matching. They can preview candidates’ CVs and hold an extra interview.

3. We work till you find the best match. We don’t match companies with candidates based on their expertise only. It’s important how much interest and motivation developers show for the offered project.

What if there is no suitable match in the Spark X talent pool? No worries, that’s on us. We’ll just expand our research to third-party channels.

4. We DO NOT charge extra recruitment fees. Unlike competing recruitment agencies, Spark X does not include any extra fees before or within the process. Our pre-negotiated commission comes from the hourly rate you pay to your matched talent.

5. We provide a 1-week trial period (pay if satisfied). To exclude any risks, clients can use a 1-week trial to test talents in their work environment. We’ll charge only if you are satisfied; and if not, we’ll continue searching for another match.

Final Words

There is one important reason why talent marketplaces & networks are gaining momentum. They save your most valuable resource - time and money - while doing their best job at talent matching.

With Spark X, you’ll hire your next developer in days, not months.

Even if you used to hunt for the most qualified candidates, good talent agencies will do it better. They find and engage the best candidates in close-knit communities. What’s left for you is to provide a good career opportunity and wait for a perfect match to happen.

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