Large car leasing platform

Leasing is prevalent throughout Europe. Leasing is really a fantastic way for a company to make use of its assets. It\'s a fantastic way to access these assets that goes beyond the traditional financing aspect - lessors are often able to provide service packages that would help a company basically take care of all of their asset needs without having to worry about these things themselves.


The existing team that was working on the project initially had 3 developers on the board. Most of these developers were full-stack developers who were working on projects as Laravel and Vue developers. We joined the project when it had 6 months of the development with their code practices. But Spark X managed to adapt our approach to their expectation and provided a high efficiency and code quality. Sometimes much higher efficiency than an existing team just because we have strong experience working with complex projects using Vue.


Spark X provided the client with a skilled Vue engineer to take full responsibility for technical decisions and add expertise in web development of Fintech product. Our engineer made the renovation of an obsolete web app an intuitive user interface, and an actual mobile-responsive platform. We implemented new features such as PDF generation, integrated multiple API, created well-standard form validations.


Our team helped the client to validate the business features and product’s functionality by providing professional web development. We helped the client to correspond to the needs of the customers and provided the possibility to grow the business improving the position of their product on the market. After 1.5 years of development, the company has more than 1000 cars in the garage.

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