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Platform helps people with their technology problems. Client simply wants to make technology more accessible to everyone. Things like printers, WiFi, games, TVs and so on. All the things that make everyday life easier and in society. Things that are very difficult when they are in trouble and you can not understand why.


The main challenge for our team was hard to support legacy code in order to add new features that business expects. Fortunately, the Spark X team had a lot of experience working with legacy solutions in our practice. It was difficult to organize an effective work process together with the developers’ team from the client’s side which worked on the product earlier. However, here at Spark X, we know how to find a path to effective collaboration and communication. Working in a team with developers from the client’s side, it was challenging to understand their mindset and provide the best software development practices to fulfill the high product standards.


Providing technical expertise on architecture, code scalability, and supporting discovery alongside code revision was inevitable to create a plan for the product’s upgrade. Spark X successfully added Push Notifications, In App Purchase on the platform and upgraded Expo the latest version, client had a lot of dependencies which wasn't compatible with the latest version and we upgraded it step by step, from rewriting modules from scratch to adding another alternatives to makes this happen. Our team decided to put the official React and JavaScript style guides, creating an additional file with custom rules, that can be easy to communicate for both sides of our team and client's team. This change will make the product easily scalable.


By partnering with Spark X, the client received the update for the legacy solution, which included the ability to scale the number of features to handle less bugs in production. To support the moving towards client’s core business goals, Spark X had to change app’s architecture and gradually migrate it from React Class approach to React Hook approach.

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