Why should I choose Spark X?

Spark X is a global talent network of 100+ vetted specialists from all over the world. Our major goal is to provide the best talent match for our clients. So far, Spark X has worked with 12+ international companies (the USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe) and made 30+ matches with talents from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, and Turkey.

What types of talents can I find with Spark X?

The developers vetted by Spark X work with a wide circle of technologies: front-end (React, Vue & Angular), back-end (Node.js, Nest.js, Python, Django, etc.), mobile (React Native, Flutter, iOS, and Android) and full-stack (React + Node.js, Vue + Laravel, React + Django, etc).

Are there any recruiting or hidden costs?

No. We do not charge any recruitment fees or hidden costs before or within the process. The Spark X commission is included in the hourly rate you pay to the matched talent.

How long does it take to get started?

It’s within our power to pair you with a talent in the fastest terms. If your requirements fit someone from the existing Spark X community, you can get started in a few days. In case no talent makes a good fit, we’ll keep searching for talents on external resources (it’s free) until we find the best match. Most candidates come from our community, they are pre-vetted and checked by many criteria. What makes Spark X even more special is a strong networking system. Developers stay connected to solve tasks more effectively.

Who is the best Spark X talent?

To become a Spark X tech talent, our candidates must fall under these requirements: 3+ years of commercial experience, excellent verbal and written English, Highly-developed soft skills (communication, teamwork, project management, etc), Minimum of 2-3 successfully-completed projects. From here we may conclude that our best talent is a professional developer with a solid portfolio, excellent English skills, solid soft skills, and the ability to follow strict deadlines.